Invest in technology to revamp the tradition
Rigorous tests for durability and performance.

Brand Concept|O5PRO

Our goal is to ensure that “the quality of clothing you wear over 8 hours per day should not be compromised.” We rigorously design, build, and test each product for durability and performance, both in the lab and daily. We only select the premium functional fabric to provide the guarantees for both functional features and cotton-like wearing feeling. We enthusiastically aim to provide a T-Shirt for your all-day activities.

We invest in technology to revamp the tradition, just like we flip the O2, your daily life source, to O5. This is the reason we name ourselves O5PRO.

About O5PRO

We are a team who worked in the technology industry and who loves environmental protection and invention. In our daily working life, we are all forced to compromise on the cost rather than premium quality in many executives’ decisions. Therefore, we don’t want to sacrifice our choice in the quality of the clothes we wear for more than 8 hours a day.

In 2016, we left the technology industry and started to use the mindset of monitoring CPU quality to make premium-quality cloths. After 3 years of experience, we understand the strength of Taiwan’s textile industry. In 2019, we decided to found O5PRO in Taiwan, where we grew up. The crowdfunding of O5T in Taiwan has won the affirmation and support of 3,582 backers and helped us establish our own functional clothing brand in Taiwan.

Because of O5T’s successful experience, we have had the opportunity to connect many small and medium-sized enterprises in Taiwan. We all share feelings about the shift of the industrial chain from Taiwan to China. We know that a purely Taiwanese brand is a silly dream because what we have to fight against is the temptation of low labor costs overseas. Still, we also found that many people here in Taiwan have a similar dream because of the crowdfunding experience. We hope that we can show the premium quality of Taiwanese brands and customer satisfaction to the world through our efforts.

We are the O5PRO. We love R&D and provide premium quality products at affordable prices. Thank you for your supports in making our dream possible!

O5PRO Social Responsibility

2019 is an exceptional year for us because we have taken the first step to establish a Taiwanese clothing brand through the supports and the belief of Taiwanese brands from our backers. Everyonein O5PRO believes that besides devoting ourselves to provide the premium quality of cloths to satisfy our clients, we also need to give back to Taiwan to everyone who needs more help.

In 2020, we chose the “Orphan Welfare Foundation Taipei” as our first step. We hope that through our supports, more bereaved children can study and grow with no worries.
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