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Sinopower Semiconductor Inc.

Sports Day

After a whole day of exercise, the quality of the O5 Polo is good. It’s wrinkle-resistant, extensible, and high breathability.

The Regent Store

Uniform for the oldest bookstore in Taiwan

With the style of stand-up collar, it adds a sense of design. O5Polo is breathable and comfortable for an all-day-long wearing.


Uniform for sales folks,

We believe that only when the sales folks who feel comfortable and happy can provide good service quality. Besides, when introducing electric water heaters and other electrical appliances, it is sometimes inevitable to get stains or water. The stain-free feature of O5T provides everyone from Electric water heater workers or sales folks all with a clean outfit without having a stereotype – dirty image.

The highest level of comfortable clothes is that traditional fabrics do not bind them. The skin can feel the breathability and function of the clothes. The version is short in the front and long in the back. Girls have a waist design, so they look very stiff and slim. The E-Sing brand electric water heater is a local brand in Taiwan. Of course, it must also support Taiwan’s local clothing brand-O5PRO.

Hulk Fitness Space

Coach Uniform. Odor-free, quick-drying, good elasticity

Although it is a small gym, I hope that the members can be motivated with greater enthusiasm through the comfort and professional wear our couch wore. After passing through the O5T, I decided to change the gym’s coaching clothes to O5T. The quick-drying feature allows the coach to sweat after each class and prepare for the next class cleanly and dryly.

The clothes look like ordinary cotton tops, but they maintain the high extensibility of the organic clothes, which is convenient for the trainer to stretch. The most important thing is that it is very odor-free. After the class, there is no sweat and smell.

HBO Implant Center

As the inner layer from the nursing uniform

Because the nurses’ uniforms are looser and the room is air-conditioned, they will wear O5T inside. In the past, I used to wear cotton t-shirts, but sweat is not easy to dry, and my body would feel stuffy and uncomfortable. It feels like being soaked in stuffy clothes and airtight. However, with O5T, it feels comfortable and breathable.

Besides, there are six colors to choose from so that everyone can match carefully according to the mood of the day under the standardized uniform.

One Hundred Peaks Challenge Lovers

Mountaineering Shirts – Quick-drying and Odor-Free

Wearing OT to challenge Pingfeng Mountain under Qilai North Peak, the clothes are very comfortable, not smelly, and quick-drying. When sweating heavily in the middle of the mountain, the outside is completely invisible because of the special inner waterproof treatment. Still, with the clothes’ fast-drying characteristics, the clothes are completely dry when the temperature starts to drop as you climb higher, so you will not feel clammy and uncomfortable.

Recommend OT, the best inner layer while you do mountain climbing!

ASUS Global Senior Business Director

Business trip clothes. Lightweight, non-smelly and slim

It is very suitable for wearing on business trips, especially for business trips in Southeast Asia. Even if the local temperature is 38 degrees, there will be no sultry or sweaty smell during transportation, and the appearance of cotton will not embarrass yourself in business meetings. The clothes themselves are quick-drying and odor-absorbing, which can cope with a week of business trips. After hand-washing every night, they will dry the next day, so you can leave the customs quickly as long as you board the suitcase, which is very convenient.

Even if you are on a business trip, you need to socialize and eat, so even if you accidentally drip the spicy oil on your body, you only need to wipe it and there will be no traces. The shape of the clothes is very slim, and the beer belly is completely modified. The local business partner thinks I have succeeded in losing weight.

Participants of the 2019 Taipei Dragon Boat Championships

Practice clothes. Odor-Free, quick-drying and easy to wash

It is very painful to practice dragon boats in the sultry weather. After every functional garment has the smell of sweat for a whole day, even if it is washed with very fragrant laundry detergent, it still can’t cover the smell, and I need to throw it away after a few days of practice.

But after training with O5T, although I sweated throughout the afternoon, O5T quickly dried out, and it did not smell of sweat at all. It is also very convenient to clean at home, and it will be clean after a hand wash. It is really amazing!

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