The Second Generation of O5T| 100% odor-free and stain-repellent “Quick-drying multifunctional T-Shirt” (Women-Henley TShirt)


A Taiwanese brand, from design, research & development, manufacturing to delivery, are all from Taiwanese manufacturers. O5T provides 100% odor-free, stain-repellent, and breathable permanent functions through the use of different nanotechnology. It’s a shirt that you can have from office to outdoor travel, giving you more comfort and function than you can imagine!

Size Chart (Female model: 160cm/52kg/S)

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O5T v.s Functional T-Shirt among the markets

Odor-Free: Remove odors and never decline in performance

Conventional odor repelling fabrics rely on the secondary processing of dipping in chemical mixtures. The chemical compound that adheres to the surface of the fiber would be washed away fairly easily and causing harmful impacts to the environment, and in some cases, allergy to the skin.

Simulation animation about how coffee yarn fiber keep odor inside the fiber

10 times better than the cotton t-shirt

O5-T achieves its odor-free through the physical characteristics of S.Cafe® yarn. Taking advantage of the countless tiny pores on the surface, O5-T can trap the odor particles and eliminated them. What’s more, its effect is permanent. Just rinse it with water and it’s ready to rock and roll again.

Quick Drying: Dries 40% faster than regular clothing after you dunk it in water.

Through the quick-drying effect of the S.Cafe® yarn, and the performance of the dri-release fabric, you get the best of both worlds – A moisture-wicking performance beast.

Super Comfy: Breathable cotton-like shirt you can wear all day long.

Unlike your average activewear that screams “I’m going to the gym” with excessive use of mesh and reflective material, O5-T blends fleece to give the fabric a cotton-like texture, giving you a more subtle look. And because this technology is not a surface coating. Instead, it’s woven into each thread of the yarn; it has a permanenteffect and will not be washed out over time.

Stain Repellent & Abrasion Resistance

O5-T is thoroughly coated with a layer of nano-coating using the latest rotaryscreen printing technique. It allows an even more close-knit connection with the fabric, that simply lasts longer.

Unlike waterproof coating or waterproof spray that loses its effectiveness after a few washings, O5-T retains its performance even after intensive use.

More than 20 times of repeated washing, the stain repellent feature is still maintained well.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Don’t worry that it won’t be clean by hand washing! The team conducts countless tests every day. Sauces, drinks, hot soups, etc., are staggered, and we are washed with soap and hang-dried in the bathroom. The test will continue the next morning. After continuous violent tests, the waterproof and odor-absorbing quality is still impeccable!

But life is busy enough, and we also understand that you want to throw it in the washing machine. Therefore, as long as you “turn it over” and put it into the laundry bag and do not use a softener and high-temperature drying, you can maintain quality. Every run of machine washing takes around 8 gallons of water. With O5 Polo, you’ll be able to save water and limit the amount of time you have to spend visiting the laundry store.
Note: Please do turn the shirt over and put it in the laundry bag before you put it into the washing machines.

Garments may vary due to design and manufacturing differences, so the measurement difference between your t-shirt and O5-T may be ±1 inch (±2cm). If you’re on the borderline between two sizes, order the smaller size for a tighter fit or the larger size for a looser fit. If your measurements for chest and waist correspond to two different suggested sizes, order the size indicated by your chest measurement.